Football Program

The School will follow a rigid football based syllabus. The main premise will be to attempt to enhance the child’s growth as an individual by encouraging them to embrace the positive associations that playing football in a group can bring:

  • Compassion to others.
  • Teamwork and effective communication skills.
  • Enjoyment brought about by playing within a team, not necessarily associated with winning but taking part.
  • To develop as a person whilst being involved in the development of the team.
  • To accept defeat gracefully.
  • To win gracefully.
  • Social inclusion – Players of different ability are all important to the team. To encourage feeling part of a whole.
  • To discourage elitism and promote the involvement of those less talented.

Billing Periods

  • Jan – Feb
  • Mar – Apr
  • May – Jun
  • July – Aug
  • Sept – Oct
  • Nov – Dec 


  • Bank Transfer
    • OCBC Current Account : 588-118778-001
      OCBC Bank Code: 7339, Branch Code: 588, OCBC Current Account No: 118778-001
      Account Name: English Football School Pte Ltd
    • OCBC Telegraphic Transfer :
      Bank Name: OCBC Bank
      Swift Address: OCBCSGSG
      Beneficiary’s Name: English Football School Pte Ltd
      Beneficiary’s Acct No: 588-118778-001
      Special Instructions : Deposit into Account
  • Cheque
    • Payable to English Football School Pte Ltd
    • Please write child’s name at the back of cheque
  • Credit Card (Online via PayPal)
    • There will be a transaction fee of 4% of the total fees. Please let us know if you wish to make payment with this option.